Docsaway offers the mailing features you'll like at prices you'll love.

Automate the mailing of your PDF documents through our global network to get your message received - fast.


A Docsaway account allows you to mail PDF documents without having to enter your personal or payment details each time. You place a deposit with us (minimum GBP 10.00) and every time you mail a document we deduct the cost of the letter from your balance.

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Documents via Email

With QiQ’s Docsaway you can mail a PDF document direct from your email account. Once activated, you simply need to enter your contacts into the new Docsaway Address Book feature and make a note of the special email address allocated. Emailing your PDF document direct to the special email address will result in it being mailed.

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API Toolset

The Docsaway SOAP API's provides you with the ability to send PDF documents directly to the Docsaway system for mailing via your Docsaway account. Whether you integrate your billing, CRM, CMS or other systems with Docsaway, automating your outgoing mail by integrating with Docsaway can save time and money.

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Custom Mail Services

Our standard mail services, through our flexible platforms, meet the needs of most businesses, but QiQ recognise that not everyone's requirements are the same and for that reason we also offer custom-made solutions.

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WHMCS Invoice Module

The Docsaway WHMCS addon enables printed invoices to be sent with the same ease as generating an email invoice. You can select for all invoices to be automatically sent in the post for specified clients or alternatively, just mail invoices using the plugin on an occasional basis.

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Invoice Automation

Whilst many invoices are sent automatically by email QiQ recognise there are always exceptions with some invoices still need sending via postal mail. Our Invoice Automation enables virtually any email invoice to be automatically posted.

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Signed For

Docsaway offers a 'Signed For' service where letters are lodged with a post office and only handed over at the final destination once the delivering postal service has a signature from the recipient.

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Form Validation