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Docsaway is one of the most advanced mail platforms available for automated document production and mailing in the world today.


  • Powerful SOAP And REST API's.
  • Seamlessly integrate your web application with Docsaway.
  • Allow us to route correspondence or specify routing.
  • Detailed transaction reporting.
  • Documentation and support to make for pain free integration.

The best part is that Docsaway already has API to enable you to start creating world-class applications. Whether you send one document a week, or thousands a day, Docsaway can ensure your document is reliably mailed and support you in the creation of your applications.

Powerful Foundation

Docsaway is built to provide outstanding stability and performance. Built with multilingual capabilities, multi-page document handling and powerful, but easy to implement API's, you will be able to integrate and start sending PDF documents through the worlds mail systems in no time.

Developer Tools & Support

We have a number of tools available especially for developers:

  • The Docsaway Programming Guide will answer all your technical questions so you can start creating innovative applications that integrate with our platform. Just open a free account and click the link to obtain this reference guide.
  • The Docsaway Account interface includes tools for viewing test transactions so you can see how your documents will look without spending any money.
  • Docsaway engineers will provide you with code-level technical assistance, helpful guidance, or the appropriate technical documentation to fastrack your development process.

Marketing Assistance

This page incorporates a growing directory of Docsaway API applications. This will assist you in the distribution of either free of commercial applications to the many Docsaway users. There are numerous ways to monetize your applications and you are free to contact us to discuss the various options. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss any element of the Docsaway Developers Programme.

API Applications

We have started to list Docsaway API applications available for download. We are currently working on more addons for various applications, which we will be releasing over the coming months.

Title Version/Date Description Software


Addon Module

Version 3.0

PHP Version 5.4+

9th August 2018

This module is for WHMCS Version 6.0+ and allows the mailing of standard letters, invoices and address verification letters direct from WHMCS to our Docsaway platform. This module is an addon for WHMCS so to use it you will need an installation of WHMCS.

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