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We have added the Docsaway Quick Mailer tool to our website so you can quickly and easily mail a PDF document to any worldwide address via the Docsaway network of printing and posting locations.


  • Simple process.
  • Type or upload your document.
  • Ideal for low volume mailers.
  • Ideal way to try our service.
  • 3 page limit.
  • Black & White only.

Quick Mailer

If you only wish to send the very occasional letter, this page is for you.

Simply enter the recipients name and address, upload (PDF) or type your letter, make payment and your document will be on its way. We will automatically route your letter to our mailing location most suitable for your recipient.

The price for mailing a single, one off document of up to three pages in black and white includes handling, printing, paper, envelope and postage. Quick mailer letters also include a GBP 2.50 letter surcharge, by opening a Docsaway account you can avoid this.

Send that document now, with no fuss or hassle.

The Docsaway Account

If you send more that the occasional letter you may wish to open a Docsaway account.

By opening an account you will benefit from:

  • Flexibility to choose which Docsaway location your document is printed and mailed from.
  • The ability to mail your document in colour.
  • Mail up to 60 pages.
  • Our best pricing.
  • Access to our comprehensive SOAP and RESTful API's to fully automate your mailing
  • Access to our 'Signed For' mail delivery service.
  • No GBP 2.50 letter surcharge.

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