Mail your postal invoices - Automagically

Invoicing the easy way:

  • Postal invoices become as automated as email invoices.
  • Keeps those customers happy who still like postal invoices.
  • Email invoices keep bouncing? Simply mail it instead.
  • Works with most PDF based invoicing systems.

Whilst many invoices are sent automatically by email QiQ recognise there are always exceptions with some invoices still need sending via postal mail. With the need to purchase and store stationery and stamps and then print, envelope and mail such correspondence time and resources are wasted.

However, this no longer need be a case as postal invoices can now be sent with the same ease and automation as sending an email with the help of QiQ's Docsaway enables the automated mailing of PDF invoices from all major accountancy software.

You could be just three easy steps away to the automated mailing of your invoices:

  1. Open an account.
  2. Add the name and address of the person/business you wish to invoice into the website and make a note of the unique Docsaway email address allocated for each contact.
  3. Any PDF document emailed to the unique email address is automatically printed and posted to the specified recipient from one of our many global locations.

With Quickbooks, Sage and many other accountancy packages can now automatically mail invoices simply by entering the special Docsaway email address for your contact into the system.

Alternatively, if you are looking for an invoicing system with even closer integration with Docsaway, for automated mailing of recurring invoices please consider WHMCS. Whilst aimed at the web hosting industry it can also be used for any business sending regular invoices in an automated manner whether by email or post.

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