Automate your document mailing with the Docsaway API

The Docsaway SOAP and REST API's provides you with the ability to send PDF documents directly to the Docsaway system for mailing via your Docsaway account. Whether you integrate your billing, CRM, CMS or other systems with Docsaway, automating your outgoing mail by integrating with Docsaway can save time and money.

Docsaway will provide full documentation and PHP code examples to simplify the integration process. There are a number of Docsaway API toolsets to provide maximum flexibility in the way you transmit your PDF documents to us for processing:

Mail API

The Mail API is the most popular. It provides users with the ability to send PDF documents directly into the Docsaway system via a Docsaway account.

Email API's

Docsaway can accept PDF documents for mailing via email. To do this, we need to know the recipients details and our Email API's enable the appropriate addresses to be maintained via API calls.

The next steps

If you wish to integrate with Docsaway:

  1. Open an account
  2. Download the SOAP or REST API Manual which includes code examples.
  3. View the Preferences page within your account, retrieve your API connection settings.
  4. Look over the other Preferences and customise to your requirements.
  5. Create your integration.

Docsaway are happy to provide support with your integration and welcome any questions you may have.

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