Signed For Delivery

Docsaway offers a 'Signed For' service where letters are lodged with a post office and only handed over at the final destination once the delivering postal service has a signature from the recipient.

All Docsaway 'Signed For' items are sent via Royal Mail from the United Kingdom. Tracking is provided by Royal Mail for letters until they leave the UK. Please note we do not provide a copy of the signature to you as part of the service or offer any compensation. Proof of posting is available by way of a tracking code recoded within Docsaway.

Delivery Times

The timeframes quoted by Royal Mail for delivery are as follows. In practice we find some letters arrive quicker and some slower than these estimates.

UK: 1-2 working days.

Western Europe: 3-5 working days.

Rest of World: 5-7 working days.


Pricing will vary depending upon the number of pages being mailed, location and exchange rates.

Prices start from:

United Kingdom GBP 4.22
Worldwide GBP 11.09

Our price is fully inclusive of paper, envelope, lodgement, handling and postage. No volume discounts are available for our 'Signed For' service.

How to send 'Signed For' letters.

  1. Log in to your Docsaway Account.
  2. Select Send Document.
  3. Set station selection to Manual.
  4. Set country to United Kingdom.
  5. Set city to Leicester.
  6. Set courier to Royal Mail Signed.

API Users

API Users should select API station ID GB2 and Courier ID GB2_1.

Online Seller Protection

Most online transactions go smoothly, but if you're selling online and want some protection in case a buyer claims your item didn’t arrive a 'Signed For' service can help. We use the Royal Mail 'Signed For' service and this could provide you with the required proof of delivery as it is recognised as a eligible service for PayPal’s and eBay’s Seller Protection Programmes.

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