Automagically send postal mail from WHMCS

QiQ's Docsaway mailing platform prints and posts PDF documents from 11 worldwide locations resulting in a fast, automated, mailing solution for WHMCS users. And now, integrating WHMCS with Docsaway is a breeze with thanks to this module.

Docsaway & WHMCS provide:

  • Send a letter direct to any contact direct from within WHMCS.
  • Send invoices automatically via postal mail for any specified client.
  • One off mailing option for invoices already created.
  • Automate the verification of customer addresses so you 'Know your customer (KYC)'.
  • Documents mailed from 11 worldwide locations

Mail your invoices

Once you have installed and configured the module an extra tick box will appear on the profile page for all your WHMCS clients. When this box is ticked, invoices will be mailed to your client. For the one-off mailing of invoices you can select 'Docsaway' from the 'Addons' menu in your WHCMS installation. Simply enter the Invoice number and voilà after another button press it's mailed.

Know Your Customer (KYC) with Address Verification

Banks do it, phone companies do it, even proactive web hosts do it, lets do it, lets verify your clients details! Ok, we may like to sing about this, but web hosts know their infrastructure is under a continual barrage of attacks and knowing who your customers actually are, by confirming their postal address, can add some piece of mind. Indeed, many domain registries and hosts are already adopting a KYC approach verifying addresses for new domain name registrations and hosting clients.

QiQ's WHMC Docsaway module makes validating a clients address easy. It works like this:

  1. Configure address verification module by selecting whether you verify all your customers or only customers who order certain product(s).
  2. Enter the content for the letter you wish to send. It will include a 6 digit verification code.
  3. Docsaway will mail the letter from one of its 11 mailing locations, resulting in fast automated delivery.
  4. The client receives the letter and enters the validation code into their WHMCS account. The WHMCS admin contact will receive an email confirmation of the validation.
  5. If accounts have not been verified after a number of days you specify, the WHMCS admin contact will receive an email advising the account is not verified and you may choose to take further action.

Nominet Accredited Chanel Partners

Accredited Nominet members can use the Docsway WHMCS module when Nominet is unable to verify a contacts address. By sending a letter and having the mailing address verified domain suppliers are able to meet Nominets requirements for address validation.


Download your WHMCS Docsaway addon app here.

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